Tangerine // Wildflower Honey // Balanced

Heirloom is our first ever light roast blend, and serves as a perfect everyday drinker. Brew it as a pourover, or use it for drip - it's suitable for any method. Two Colombian coffees set a base that carry a bright fruit acidity & big body, while Ethiopia out of the Gujii region adds a delicate touch of floral & fruity notes. Inspired by the long days of summer, this blend gifts a bright punch with lingering sweetness. We love that this coffee brings forth some intense citrus flavor, yet remains incredibly balanced.

Heirloom is juicy and sweet up front, but it has an approachable and rounded finish. Enjoy!

Grower: Various

Region: Guji // Cauca // Urrao 

Altitude: 1690 - 2030 masl

Soil: Clay minerals

Country: Ethiopia & Colombia

Processing: Fully Washed