Cactus and Sun Key Fob is a perfect piece of the Central Coast you can bring with you everywhere! Made out of natural un-dyed vegetable tanned leather, 5-6oz leather front and 2-3 oz leather backing. 
The leather will get tanned by sun exposure, please enjoy the transformation of the color while you carry it around to places.

Key Hook is made out of solid brass, great for hooking in on bags, belts, or belt loops. Flat Split Key Ring makes it very easy to attach and detach keys from the key fob.

-5-6oz Veg-tan Leather Front, and 2-3oz Veg-tan Leather back. Double sided.
-Solid brass eyelets
-Solid brass key hook (2") /Flat split key ring
-1mm leather cord
-7"x2.25" (at the widest point)

* Made in CA by soft goods.