Red Cherry // Key Lime // Vanilla // Syrupy

We are so excited to be offering this amazing honey-processed coffee out of Costa Rica. 

Oscar and Francisca Chacón are third-generation coffee producers, but the coffee is more than just in their family heritage: It's in their hearts and souls as well. The couple is committed to quality and innovation, and are among the very first farmers in Costa Rica to produce Honey and Natural process specialty coffee.

In 2005, after years of delivering their cherry to a cooperative for the going market price, they decided to join the brand-new "micromill revolution" and buy their own depulper to have more control over the quality and the price they received for their lots. "At first, we didn't know what we were doing," Oscar explains. "We were just experimenting." That experimentation led to some of the most exciting new flavor profiles we have ever tasted: Now, the Chacons produce a wide range of Honey process coffees, modulating the drying time in order to create different effects in the cup.

Honey-processed coffees leave traces of the coffee cherry to dry with the bean until it turns a golden "honey" color. This additional contact allows the bean to absorb additional sugars and starches from the surrounding fruit, lending to a sweeter and more full-bodied cup.

We taste bright red cherry with key lime acidity and a syrupy sweet body.

Farm: Los Angeles
Costa Rica
Sabanilla de Alajuela, Central Valley
Caturra, Catuai
1850 - 2000 MASL
January - March