The Lumber Yard

Don Seawater is the lumber man in SLO — he owns Pacific Coast Lumber, and has a line on all the good stuff.  On a foggy morning a couple days ago, he showed us around his yard with our friends Ryck, Matt and Jenn who introduced us all. We went to PCL looking to find some lumber for building bar tops, table tops, an outdoor living wall, and to face the front of our bar.  We left blown away by the generosity and helpfulness of all of these people.  Stay tuned for some truly amazing wood work that will help make Scout such a great place to enjoy your coffee.  We can’t wait.




Camp Stoves and MDO

We headed out to Montaña de Oro yesterday morning armed with our trusty DSLR, Chemex, a beat-up Coleman camp stove, and some Guatemala Flor del Cafe from Verve. It ended up being a pretty perfect morning.  See a few of the photos below. It’s definitely worth a trip out there if you haven’t been in a while.